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About Rene Denfeld


Rene Denfeld is the award-winning, bestselling author of three novels The Enchanted, The Child Finder and The Butterfly Girl. Her writing has been praised by Margaret Atwood as "astonishing."

Rene is the past Chief Investigator for a public defenders, and has worked hundreds of cases as a death row investigator, including exonerations and helping rape trafficking victims. The survivor of a difficult background, Rene regularly speaks on social justice issues, as well as writing and overcoming trauma.


In 2017 The New York Times named Rene a hero of the year and she was awarded the Break The Silence Award in Washington, DC. Her novels have received many prestigious literary awards, including a French Prix, an ALA Medal for Excellence in Fiction, a Carnegie Listing, and a finalist for the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she is the happy parent of kids from foster care.

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photos by Brian McDonnell

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